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    Hail Satan with Chip Gardner

    Things get grizzly as Andy Daly & Matt Gourley bring us the next podcast pilot hosted by Broadcaster and Game Show Host Chip Gardner. With his trusty longtime announcer Tip Thompson, Chip & Tip will recall past game show failures, play some of their favorite games from over the years, and share tips & recommend chips to listeners in a segment called Chip’s Tips & Tip’s Chips. Plus, Chip will debate formidable opponent Carol Channing for the honorary position of Mayor of Hollywood and we are taken through a day in the life of a feeble-minded man named Chocolate Pudding in Chocolate Pudding Does Whatever The Fuck He Wants.

    Click here to listen!



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    gonna listen to this on my way to work… cant wait
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    Hail Satan! :D
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    You should check this out
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    Andy Daly appreciation blog
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    If it’s wrong that I can’t wait to hear Chip Gardner say “Hail Satan” again, I don’t want to be righteous.
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